Girl from back then

July 4, 2009

Ha. I said I’d write about Grizzly Bear’s and Camera Obscura’s new albums and I HAVEN’T.
Have I even listened to them yet? NO. I do want to! I seem to have had far less time  to space out and listen to music lately. When I do space out I fall asleep. That includes the 15-20mins I allocate myself for ‘music-time’ right before I go to work. That’s why I need alarms.
So lately I have been adopting my students’ hobby of: sleeping! Had a 4 hour nap the other day. That’s not even a nap! That’s a night’s sleep!
Since my last post I have…watched a few movies. Not new ones. Let me see… Can’t Hardly Wait, National Lampoon’s Van Wilder, The Chronicles of Riddick, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, Deadline USA, Saved! (for the 3rd time) aaaand Dazed and Confused. Clas-sy!?
I love Saved! I know, it’s silly.
I also loved Can’t Hardly Wait. It’s so…90s..
And it has the lovely Lauren Ambrose in it, being me in high school (but I bet eeeevery girl who watches it feels that way). I don’t’s a rubbish film really but, it’s sweet. And it genuinely reminded me of high school. (OK, so the movie parties are always bigger and crazier but still…). Lauren Ambrose’s character going to the bathroom to space out, keeping her jacket on the whole time and the conversation with Seth Green’s character? Poignant! It’s weird how you leave people behind in high school sometimes without quite meaning to or at least justifying it to yourself the whole time. And it’s weird how bad being left behind makes you feel.
But why the obsesssion with representations of American high school?? I didn’t go to school in the US! And my high school years sucked! It’s a fixation though. I really need to see The Craft now, I was OBSESSED with that film!
OK, to change the theme: books.
I’m reading All Families Are Psychotic by Douglas Coupland at the moment. Before that I read The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami (finally! Now I’ve read all of his novels except the new one and the ones that haven’t been translated) and Constance Ring and Foraadt by Amalie Skram. Both were compelling and horrible. When Constance’s husband (who she despises) has an affair and impregnates the maid she demands a divorce and is told:
‘Men si meg, hr. pastor’, sa Constance med dypere stemme, ‘hvis det nu var en mann, hvis hustru stod i begrep med aa fode et barn, som f.eks.hans kontorbud var far til, ville De saa ogsaa komme med dette: Ingen kristen mann forlater sin hustru?’ Hun saa paa ham med et nesten fiendtlig blikk. ‘Her er forholdet forskjellig. – Naar en kvinne faller paa dette omraade, rober det en saa stor fornedrelse, en saa dyp moralsk fordervelse at hennes naervaerelse i hjemmet maa ansees for besmittende’

(sorry, Japanese keyboard, too lazy to insert the proper letters!)

Which reads something like this (my translation):
‘But tell me, Mr. Pastor’, Constance said in a deeper voice, ‘if it were a man, if his wife were about to have a child fathered by, for example, his office clerk, would you also be so hasty to say: no Christian man leaves his wife?’ She looked at him with an almost hostile gaze. ‘Such a case would be an entirely different matter.- When a woman falls in this area, it speaks of such a deep degradation, such a great moral corruption that her presence in the home would have to be considered infectious’
Then everyone gradually wears her down until she goes back to him. It hurts just reading it. (I did the translation very quickly so it’s not perfect by any means, sorry!)
And one more about turn: Japan!
Haven’t been to many cultural things lately for various reasons. I went to a very lovely enkai, the best I’ve been to so far. I saw a giant loaf of bread (like, 3metres) being sliced outside a bakery. I have become addicted to melonpan (I always thought they were awful but actually they’re yummy). Aaaand..I learned the word for ‘clumsy’ in Japanese. And the word for ‘snail’. For unrelated reasons.