It was just like Christmas

December 28, 2009

Here are some little Christmas photos:

First Christmas in Japan/away from home. It was nice but also strange. Tried not to think too much about childhood and stuff…preparing for Christmas did make me feel like a grown up but not a real grown up..I can’t make my own mince pies and stuffing yet it seems. Although I am quite good at making vegetable pies.

Other Christmas things: Gremlins is scarier than I thought, I seem to have stared a Licca/Jenny doll collection, Bob Dylan’s Christmas album is really great, O Holy Night/Just Like Christmas/Deilig er den Himmel Blaa all have the power to make me cry for varying reasons.

Otherwise: watched Moon. it was good! I thought it would be scary but it wasn’t. It was sad! It did give me cosmic angst but not as much as Sunshine. Also, Modern Family is good! it’s a nice mix of funny, sarcastic and heartwarming. And lastly, Helen Kane is really really awesome.

Hello TV creatures!

December 20, 2009

And here are some little characters from the Nagoya illuminations! Again there are a few more photos in the Wide Island View post!

Sparkle Sparkle Christmastime!

December 20, 2009

Pictures from Nabana no sato, Nagashima. I wrote an article about it for Wide Island View, you can find it here: