This has nothing to do with this post at all, I just am. This isn’t Facebook/Twitter…!? Oops…

I was actually thinking of joining Twitter…there are quite a few people I rather like doing it so…it would be nice to follow them.

So here, are some things, snacks again!

The Bean-throwing festival is on February 2nd I think! I know this because I saw a poster with a picture of an arrogant looking guy in a yukata throwing beans at a really sad, small demon with that date on it (I’ll try to take a photo!). I hope the demons look a bit more evil than that! I also hope there’s something going on near my work and that they’ll let me pop out to take part.

“Hello, can I go outside and throw some beans at a person in a demon suit? I need to cleanse myself!!”

Do you like Humphrey Bogart? If so you should definitely check out Danny’s new tumblr page. He’s uploaded lots of unreleased Bogart films, you can watch the trailers and download the films or watch them online!

Here’s the site:

Watch watch watch!

Heisann, Licca-chan!

January 9, 2010

OK, so…maybe I’ve started collecting Licca dolls… Well, I have 2 anyway, and one Jenny doll. I’ve liked them ever since I went round to a friend’s house in Trondheim and saw her collection of dolls. They’re so much sweeter than Barbies. The matsuri one is from 1987 but her face is pretty much the same as the other one from 2009! Anyway, I’m not crazy, honest!

I got the Mr. Donut uniform for Christmas. See if I were cra-azy, I’d have asked for the Mr.Donut cafe playset…

So this is the New Year

January 9, 2010

What could be more New Yearish thaaaan, melonpan and custard buns shaped like tigers..?

For New Year we went to Ise shrine, it was really nice! I felt all  fuzzy and happy! And I normally hate New Year… There was a countdown, free sake, even an interview! Yup, the Ise shinbun asked us what we’d be praying for..and what we wanted to be! That was my fault..I think I said I was going to pray (after praying for less selfish things of course) for an answer to the question ‘What should I do with my life?’! Ooops, who wants to think about frustrating stuff like that??

Got home around….7am, thankfully my sleeping pattern was in such a state by then that staying awake was no problem :)