So this is the New Year

January 9, 2010

What could be more New Yearish thaaaan, melonpan and custard buns shaped like tigers..?

For New Year we went to Ise shrine, it was really nice! I felt all  fuzzy and happy! And I normally hate New Year… There was a countdown, free sake, even an interview! Yup, the Ise shinbun asked us what we’d be praying for..and what we wanted to be! That was my fault..I think I said I was going to pray (after praying for less selfish things of course) for an answer to the question ‘What should I do with my life?’! Ooops, who wants to think about frustrating stuff like that??

Got home around….7am, thankfully my sleeping pattern was in such a state by then that staying awake was no problem :)


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