I am drinking a drink with reindeer on the label

January 28, 2010

This has nothing to do with this post at all, I just am. This isn’t Facebook/Twitter…!? Oops…

I was actually thinking of joining Twitter…there are quite a few people I rather like doing it so…it would be nice to follow them.

So here, are some things, snacks again!

The Bean-throwing festival is on February 2nd I think! I know this because I saw a poster with a picture of an arrogant looking guy in a yukata throwing beans at a really sad, small demon with that date on it (I’ll try to take a photo!). I hope the demons look a bit more evil than that! I also hope there’s something going on near my work and that they’ll let me pop out to take part.

“Hello, can I go outside and throw some beans at a person in a demon suit? I need to cleanse myself!!”


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