Happy birthday! Happy birthday!

March 4, 2010

So it was my (26th) birthday on Tuesday. I could have taken the day off work. Should I have taken the day off work? I wanted to when I got up. I took the time to make myself proper coffee  when I got up but that meant no time for breakfast so I just had coffee and read a little more of the John Hughes article in Vanity Fair.

On the way to school I bought a specific brand of green tea just because it came with a free gift, a birthday present to myself. It was a mini kewpie doll dressed in a sari. It’s so cute I put it up on my desk.

Two teachers gave me a card and a present which was really sweet of them. It’s a lovely little silk lipstick case. No one else at school knew it was my birthday and why should they? I guess birthdays do make me feel a little selfish sometimes. Like everyone should somehow know! It’s your special day dammit and they should be showering you with gifts and attention!

I bought a heart-shaped chocolate cake for lunch. I was trying to do the whole Dale Cooper thing of giving myself small treats but it was a birthday edition so I gave myself lots of small treats.

I made my birthday cake the night before, well, sort of. it was my first attempt at a red velvet cake. Since my microwave oven is not and never will be a real oven I ended up with: one entirely burned on the top/liquid in the middle cake, several flattish cupcakes and two perfect mini heart-shaped cakes. All from one bowl of cake mixture! The heart-shaped ones were my ‘practise real cake’, I’ll probably make another one for the weekend (party).

I spent the morning working on a short story, trying to write some lyrics for the music I am going to make and endlessly flicking my hair around since it decided to go full-on, Kate Bush style all over the place as a special birthday treat!

I only opened one card in the morning from Mum and Dad. it was very pretty and said something about believing in fairies on the front.

I will lovingly document my presents later!


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