And on a sadder note…

March 19, 2010

It’s sad..Alex Chilton died. I have to admit, I found out about Big Star through the covers by This Mortal Coil and Jeff Buckley. Kangaroo is such a beautiful song. Anyway, he really did make some gorgeous songs, they make me feel like I’m in some imaginary hazy seventies America falling in love and driving around in cars feeling sad but excited.

Bask in the faded seventies sunshine and loveliness.

This is just awesome. I love how he starts laughing, I love how scratchy and sulky/menacing his voice sounds.

Here’s a link to a piece in the Guardian about him, it’s quite touching:

Keep an Eye on the Sky


3 Responses to “And on a sadder note…”

  1. Hey, it’s Grace. Saw this and felt compelled to comment. Not sure if you know my dad’s record stop was called ‘Big Star’. We saw their last gig in London and now my parents think we’re a grim reaper (everyone does seem to die after we see them). Very sad day in our house.

    Also, those videos are awesome.


    • cocteaujoanna Says:


      I didn’t know it was called that, no! Wow! How was the gig? Oh dear, why, who else died after you saw them? James Brown died soon after me and Danny saw him in Glasgow…

      Yeah, it is really sad though.I spent an hour or so looking at videos and concert clips that day.


  2. They were really good when we saw them. Played all the classics and were very upbeat.

    Arthur Lee died not long after my parents saw Love, that was very sad.

    We bought my dad the Big Star boxset for his birthday. I think we’ll be very familiar with all their back-catalogue by this time next year.

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