Oh oh oh you’re never coming back…

March 29, 2010

So..Goldfrapp. I am quite addicted to their new single, Rocket. I’m not a huuuuge Goldfrapp fan, I really liked Felt Mountain but I never actually owned it (although I feel like I DID! There are a lot of albums that I occasionally get the feeling I own only to realise that I don’t). Anyway..the video..I half like and half don’t like it. For one, I don’t usually like totally literal interpretations of song lyrics. Also when I first heard the song I’d interpreted the chorus as meaning something like.. ‘I am high on love aaaand you are coming with me on this high’ so to see it interpreted as ‘I am going to tape you up and stick you on a rocket’ didn’t quite match up to what I was thinking and added a sinister level that I hadn’t even thought of! I do like Alison Goldfrapp’s look though, and the dancing and the brightly coloured cloudy sky.  Pitchfork mentioned the ‘Van Halen synths’ in their review and it’s true, Rocket does use them which means I should hate this song but I don’t, the synths sound pretty cool! Anyway, I am a bit addicted:


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