June 27, 2010

So last weekend we went to see some robots fighting at at Robobase in Osu. The fighting ones were cool but my favourite was definitely the robot seal. I think it was designed primarily for people in care homes and possibly children in hospital. It opens and shuts it’s eyes, moves around and is hopelessly adorable! The pricetag? 350,000 yen. Oops… Oh well, I can always go back and visit this one!

The fighting was quite fun! I liked how the Melon robot had a big goofy red car sticker on his chest! And Hello Kitty robot ignored me as always! I’ve been to Robobase a few times, I say “Konnichiwa!” and she mutters and turns her head away, *Sob!* She hates me! Oh well, the seal robot liked me so everything is OK. I felt so sorry for the little cat-bot though. It was pretty old and scruffy and just shuffled around looking sad! I hope one of the staff takes it home and looks after it!

So robots: yay!

Joanna in Yokohama

June 18, 2010

Here is a video Danny made of me walking around Yokohama Chinatown! He filmed and edited everything to make it fit with the music. Pretty cool!

The song is ‘The Weight of My Words’ by Kings of Convenience remixed by Four Tet.

I do!

Here’s a list I was writing at school. Then I drew all over it. I also seem to have titled the list ‘Videodrome’ (I have never seen the movie but I’d like to!)

Kirby Kat

June 17, 2010

Kirby loves new Bitter Almond Kit Kats:

Mmm, almond chocolate…

Reading The Brontë Myth at the moment so I tried to draw Emily. It looks like Charlotte Gainsbourg though. Or have I gone mad? Considering the amount of time I spend spacing out/thinking really banal thoughts/staring out of the window it’s very possible…

She is saying “Hello, I am Charlotte Gainsbourg. Or Emily Brontë maybe.” ‘Cause, you know, sometimes I need to draw people to have conversations with!

Crystal Miffy

June 15, 2010

And when I say crystal I do of course mean see-through plastic… But look anyway!

They came free with apple Natchan. I was tired but then I got really excited when I saw them! Oh well, at least I like Natchan.

This is an awesome cup

June 11, 2010

So I was at the Saioh Festival and it was very nice, lots of pretty costumes (of which more afterwards) and then as I was watching the parade I suddenly saw a stall selling drinks in these cool plastic cups. They had Doraemon, Hamtaro and Hello Kitty. You can see what I chose. I almost felt, “Look at all this amazing culture…oh wait, there’s a stall selling cute cups…run to it!!” But not that bad because I did enjoy all the costumes too!

About 2 minutes after buying this a guy came up and asked to take a photo of me and Danny! And then another lady came up and took our photo too, cool!

Also, we were having some lunch underneath a tree when a little kid accidentally kicked his football towards us. It was fine, it didn’t smack either of us in the face! He said “Gomenasai…” and then a few seconds later he came back and said “I’m sorry…” So sweet!

It was a nice day out!

Hello Kitty DJ, that’s what.

Yeah, I bought this.. You plug her into an mp3 player or whatever and she bobs her head from side to side! How could I not?

You’re So Vain

June 4, 2010

Haha, in case you didn’t see it, here’s my Thank You Mart photo:

And for fun, here’s the Google Translate version of the blog post:


Yone is a body battered recently.
Severe skin irritation and sores (;;)

Yone recently such
College friends met after a long time.
I met a very long time
I was relieved not changed at all ♪
Spend a fun day at the
I have a friend what I thought (^ ω ^)

I met in Nagoya
We have also incidentally the shop.
It issued a regular shop your favorite brands in Nagoya
Recent medical Bittatteimasu lol

Since the store Naichichi
Means to have the opportunity to go to Nagoya

I went to OSU Sankyumato of course! !
It was crowded despite ☆ week
I hope there is much too busy Yokkaichi
I called my best! ! ! Lol

About this time Mr. fashionable ♪
Your name “Joanna Tocher” says
This is how foreign people (∀ ° °)
Truly a voice call was nervous laughter

New Year at the age of 26
ALT occupation
I asked this is that foreign language teaching assistant.
The little Japanese 離Senairashiku
Lol I worked hard in the little English yone

“I love this shop!!
It has lots of cool jewely, T-shirts and cool music!! ”
Lol I received in English and
Lots of cool decorations, T-shirts, and music
♪ I love to say Sankyumato

It comes in many popular shoes and accessories next summer
Please come and do just that! !

Now is the time around here

Yokkaichi store thrift store Sankyumato

Oh Google Translate..

I’m going to watch Treme now!