You’re So Vain

June 4, 2010

Haha, in case you didn’t see it, here’s my Thank You Mart photo:

And for fun, here’s the Google Translate version of the blog post:


Yone is a body battered recently.
Severe skin irritation and sores (;;)

Yone recently such
College friends met after a long time.
I met a very long time
I was relieved not changed at all ♪
Spend a fun day at the
I have a friend what I thought (^ ω ^)

I met in Nagoya
We have also incidentally the shop.
It issued a regular shop your favorite brands in Nagoya
Recent medical Bittatteimasu lol

Since the store Naichichi
Means to have the opportunity to go to Nagoya

I went to OSU Sankyumato of course! !
It was crowded despite ☆ week
I hope there is much too busy Yokkaichi
I called my best! ! ! Lol

About this time Mr. fashionable ♪
Your name “Joanna Tocher” says
This is how foreign people (∀ ° °)
Truly a voice call was nervous laughter

New Year at the age of 26
ALT occupation
I asked this is that foreign language teaching assistant.
The little Japanese 離Senairashiku
Lol I worked hard in the little English yone

“I love this shop!!
It has lots of cool jewely, T-shirts and cool music!! ”
Lol I received in English and
Lots of cool decorations, T-shirts, and music
♪ I love to say Sankyumato

It comes in many popular shoes and accessories next summer
Please come and do just that! !

Now is the time around here

Yokkaichi store thrift store Sankyumato

Oh Google Translate..

I’m going to watch Treme now!

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