This is an awesome cup

June 11, 2010

So I was at the Saioh Festival and it was very nice, lots of pretty costumes (of which more afterwards) and then as I was watching the parade I suddenly saw a stall selling drinks in these cool plastic cups. They had Doraemon, Hamtaro and Hello Kitty. You can see what I chose. I almost felt, “Look at all this amazing culture…oh wait, there’s a stall selling cute cups…run to it!!” But not that bad because I did enjoy all the costumes too!

About 2 minutes after buying this a guy came up and asked to take a photo of me and Danny! And then another lady came up and took our photo too, cool!

Also, we were having some lunch underneath a tree when a little kid accidentally kicked his football towards us. It was fine, it didn’t smack either of us in the face! He said “Gomenasai…” and then a few seconds later he came back and said “I’m sorry…” So sweet!

It was a nice day out!

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