Aaand here are some more photos. The Gundam Cafe really was cool. I am not a huge fan of Gundam, not ’cause I think I’d hate it or anything, I’ve just never watched it. As a cafe/bar concept it’s a pretty good idea! Apart from the bathrooms! OK, they are cool really, and look like the rest of the place, all slick and metallic BUT, above the hand drier there’s a big red shiny button that says “Stop. Emergency” on it. “Oh hey, how fun!”, thought silly Joanna and pressed it. Don’t press it! Especially if you, like me, are afraid of the dark!! The lights start going on and off and a fake alarm sounds. I jumped, went AAAHHH! and unlocked the door… Thankfully there was nobody outside so nobody noticed…

Otherwise…Akiba was hotter than HOT, it was 36 degrees hot. Ouch. We all went to a maid cafe which was totally awesome. Me and Danny had been to ‘Cure Maid’ the day before, it’s a Victorian style maid cafe, very cute, very traditional and very polite. It was lovely but the @homecafe is something else entirely! We picked the sixth floor and as it happens this was a floor with English speaking maids! So cute!!! In fact, I think I’ll photograph the polaroid I had taken and write a proper post about it later. That’s all for now, I need to go and space out a bit before swimming.


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Oops, long time, no update! My excuses: a) I was in Tokyo b) It’s so hot I can’t think!!

So, Tokyo was awesome. Hot, but awesome. We stayed at the Dormy Inn in Akihabara, which I recommend, very nice, great location. On Sunday we met Shona and Neal in Harajuku. Was lovely to see them, can hardly believe it’s been two years!! That’s just crazy! Anyway…while they did some shopping, Danny and me popped over to Odaiba to check out the 2010 Toy Show at Tokyo Big Sight. Here are some photos:

Today and yesterday.

Matthew had an exhibition called ‘Transient’ at Sunfare Kuwana (See flyer in an earlier post). It was made up of fourteen digitally manipulated photo collages representing the stations of the cross. I think it went really well! We had a great time there both days, looking at the pictures and talking to people about them! Here are a few photos:

Is it shallow of me to really like the pretty cherry tree blossom one? I can’t help it. The green colour and the flashes of what looked like green electricity reminded me of the green lights at the beginning of  Ghost in the Shell. And I do love…technological beauty, if that makes sense.

Blurry times

July 11, 2010

Here are a couple of fuzzy photos of me playing with some grass in a café.

Sleepy now so I will go to bed. I need to get up tomorrow for some more art times!


July 10, 2010

This is Matthew’s awesome exhibition! I went today, I am going tomorrow and so should you!

Sunfare Kuwana 2F

July 10th, July 11th


Look what I passed up!

July 10, 2010

Just photos:

Too, too cute!


July 4, 2010

Bubbles are cool. I bought a Hello Kitty bubble set at the hundred yen store. Spent about 10 minutes making up my mind! Initially I thought “Yeah!”, picked it up and headed for the cash register. Then I thought “You are 26! Stop being an idiot!” Then I wandered around for a bit and eventually decided to get it anyway. Ha.


Koselig Kveld

July 4, 2010

Had a quiet evening yesterday. It was very relaxing but then I accidentally stayed up til about 4am. Oops! That’s not relaxing! Also woke up at 8 and couldn’t get back to sleep again. I watched lots of Never Mind the Buzzcocks and QI and also Edwardian Supersize Me. So productive! It was nice though. Watched lots of music videos too. Nick introduced me to a cool band whose name I’ve gone and forgotten. Ah, Lo-Fi-Fnk. Swedish. Their video for the song ‘Marchin’ In’ is lovely. Lots of underwater creatures. Bagpuss kept me company haha.

I’ve been really obsessed with Ladytron’s first album lately (604). I listened to it like, every day when it came out! In 2001. It’s still great.

Unbelievably cool…