Ishidori bam bam bam!

August 16, 2010

Oops, another big gap! My excuse this time: after Summer Sonic last weekend I kept falling asleep! Pathetic, I know…

So anyway, Ishidori!

It’s Kuwana’s biggest festival (I think!), also dubbed ‘The noisiest festival in Japan’ thanks to the relentless three day drumming/gong banging. It’s a fun festival. We only really went out properly on one of the three nights this year. Got dressed up in yukata and everything. After a day wearing a maid outfit (for the World Cosplay Summit) my poor body was moaning ‘A yukata? Really? Can’t I just go out in something silky and non-restrictive and team it with fluffy slippers?’ ‘Na, sorry!’, I replied as I wrapped myself up tightly in a stiff cotton robe and put on my geta or ‘Hell shoes’ as I like to call them. Geta are like wooden flip flops with an embroidered piece of cloth that goes between your toes. Sounds comfy, right?? This year I wore them with tabi which are special socks with a gap for the thong of the geta to fit into. Last year I went barefoot and came home bleeding all over the place so…yeah, glad I got the socks this time… Once I’m actually IN the yukata, it’s cool, I like wearing the things. It’s just the getting them on part that’s a bit fiddly. Some photos:

We met up with our friend and her son at one of the local shrines. The atmosphere was really nice and all the lanterns looked great against the night sky. One house was right up against one of the gates to the shrine. The people in the house had opened the windows and it looked so welcoming and bright. I really wanted to go and sit there! (Side note: Seeing nice houses makes me feel really homesick while simultaeneously making me long desperately for the day when I (hopefully!) live in a real house that I own and not a rented flat). Anyway…we followed the float for a little then me, Danny and Matthew made our way back to the main area. We stopped to look at a few floats on the way. Three had stopped in the middle of the main road right in front of Tully’s coffeeshop. It just looked so great: these living relics all lit up and the shops in darkness around them. It was like the past reaching into the future and having a party all over it. As a bonus we also saw a teeny tiny little boy being helped to play one of the drums! Very cute! When we got to the main area all the stalls were shutting down! No way! No baby castella for me! I was very sad. I’ll have to go to another festival now, I need baby castella! Met some other friends, saw some kind of fighting/posturing going on by the old shopping arcade then went to Kasuga shrine (deserted!) to take some photos. Then home, then exhausted sleep.


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