Hello! Yes I am cheating! This feature is meant to be about characters that actually exist but it’s hot and I’m tired and confused and I can’t seem to pick one! And so…here’s a picture I drew earlier. It’s me, dreaming of things I’d rather be doing than sitting at a ¬†desk, feeling hot. It’s still cute so…it counts, right??!

Summer Dreams

Today and yesterday.

Matthew had an exhibition called ‘Transient’ at Sunfare Kuwana (See flyer in an earlier post). It was made up of fourteen digitally manipulated photo collages representing the stations of the cross. I think it went really well! We had a great time there both days, looking at the pictures and talking to people about them! Here are a few photos:

Is it shallow of me to really like the pretty cherry tree blossom one? I can’t help it. The green colour and the flashes of what looked like green electricity reminded me of the green lights at the beginning of ¬†Ghost in the Shell. And I do love…technological beauty, if that makes sense.


July 10, 2010

This is Matthew’s awesome exhibition! I went today, I am going tomorrow and so should you!

Sunfare Kuwana 2F

July 10th, July 11th