OK, I still haven’t been. It’s not because I don’t know how to buy tickets! I have the instructions written in my notebook and everything, I just keep forgetting to book them. You see you can’t just show up and buy them, you have to buy them in advance from Lawson (a convenience store) and you have to buy them for a specific time of day, The time/day can’t be changed and as you can buy tickets up to three months in advance you really have to plan ahead. So anyway, we were in Inokashira park and suddenly realised that hey, we’re next to the Ghibli Museum. We were just standing outside looking in when I remembered that the Laputa robot statue is on the roof! I got very excited and walked quickly (wasn’t excited enough to like, run) round the building and sure enough, you can see it from outside! Yes! There were a few museum staff around but other people were taking photos so I went ahead. Then one of the guys at the gate came up to us and I thought “Laaame” but he wasn’t coming to tell us to stop, no no! He said we should go over to the entrance where we could take photos of the giant Tototo at the ticket gate! Thank you lovely Ghibli Museum man! So we did and now I am more determined than ever to book tickets and actually GO.

Ishiya Chocolate Factory..where they pretty much only make a kind of biscuit called Shiroi Koibito which is a square piece of white chocolate sandwiched between two butter cookies. They do other things but this is their flagship product. They’re nice but a teeny bit expensive… You do get a free one with your entrance ticket though! I’d post a picture but, ah, I ate it already, sorry!

The factory/museum is sort of fascinating though! There’s a big display of tea cups and biscuit packaging, the whole house is like some crazy person’s mansion and it also has a children’s toy museum! I couldn’t figure out why but I do love toy museums! I remember going to the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood a few years ago and despite feeling really ill and terrible I could not stop looking at the doll’s houses..I just couldn’t!! They’re so..weird and small and perfectly preserved! There were no doll’s houses here but lots of other curious things!

So my favourite parts were the displays of packaging and the toy museum! The hot chocolate was rather nice too. It would have been even nicer if I had been dressed up in some kind of Victorian dress aaand there hadn’t been any cars/other signs of the modern world visible outside! The gilded, double-handled cups said ‘Victorian Lady’ but the flats/cars/telegraph wires outside didn’t! Not that I don’t love technology but it’s fun to have little *fake historical experiences* sometimes!

The Sapporo Beer Museum! The building is lovely. If they converted it into flats I would want to live there. not that they should of course, it should stay a museum. Conversions aren’t always a good thing..Especially church conversions, I just don’t think I could live in one without feeling I was trespassing! Anyway, I digress, here are some pictures!

What a pretty building..and gorgeous posters. Of course, alcohol shouldn’t be glamorised but…dammit those posters are wonderful! I did buy one..goodness knows where I’ll put it, am running out of wall space but I’ll find somewhere!