Cute Snacks!

June 6, 2011

Glico edition.

OK, so, pictures of sweets by themselves: not enough!! It’s more fun to take pictures of them with little toys :) So here is Cyndaquil posing with some yummy Glico treats! The tin is full of some kind of matcha sweets. They look like green tea Starburst! I only really bought them ’cause I liked the tin… The red packet is full of heart shaped chocolates and the Kitty Pocky are almond flavoured. Bit too sweet for me but, nice box! I did rather hope that the gold Kitty charm pictured on the box would be inside but no such luck :( I do have a phone strap of Kitty as the Glico man though, it’s awfully cute!


Oh dear!

June 6, 2011

Yup, another update fail. OK, so I’ve decided to switch the Cute Characters post day to Wednesdays instead of Fridays as once again, I had no time to write on Friday. I went straight from work to Nagoya to go see Capsule at Diamond Hall. I know, this must make it sound like I have the most dazzling social life ever (I don’t really!)! So yes, Fridays: apparently a bad day for updates. Wednesdays (and Mondays!): hopefully better. I didn’t really get any photos at the gig I’m afraid so ah, here’s a picture of me posing around  beforehand :P


It was a really great show, very long though: five hours!! That’s three DJs, Nakata’s DJ set and Capsule’s actual performance. Toshiko Koshijima is so cute!! She was wearing the outfit from all the promo material (and the World of Fantasy video). I love her dancing! We got to meet Nakata briefly afterwards too which was pretty cool! Got a photo and everything. Oh and a tipsy-ish girl took a photo of me in the bathroom hahaha! I was fixing my hair and she was all like “Kawaii!” and then she started going “Chotto matte, chotto matte” while she fumbled around in her bag. She eventually produced a camera and asked if she could take a picture. Thank you for boosting my fragile little ego lovely tipsy girl!

Anyway, listen to Capsule’s new album “World of Fantasy”. Capsule are awesome :)

Cute Snacks!

May 30, 2011

Some Kitty chocolates and Kitty wafers with very nice packaging. Two little Nemuneko helped by posing :)

Oops, I say I’ll start regular features and then I mess up on my first try! In my defence, I went out on Friday night and just didn’t have time to write before going out. I’m really sorry!!

OK, so, cutest character post number one! The subject? Nemuneko.

Nemuneko, which means ‘sleepy cat’ is produced by Furyu and at the moment these cats (and their mice companions) are exclusively available in UFO catchers. I first found out about Nemuneko at the Arcade Operators Union show in 2009. Some of the free UFO catchers (yes, free! AOU is awesome) had big white Nemuneko available and we came home with two of them. Some characters are so cute they do something to my mind. Seriously, when I won one of these I almost felt like crying, it was just so cute.

Furyu has steadily been introducing new versions of the cats, including super furry ones, tiny plastic ones, Christmas ones, cherry blossom ones etc.  I’m hoping they’ll start selling merchandise at some point, The pictures on the labels and the pictures they have in the UFO catchers are terribly sweet and I think Nemuneko  merchandise would do well. In the meantime, I’m just lucky that Danny is so good at UFO catchers because I’m useless at them!

This website shows old and upcoming versions:

Here are some photos of my steadily growing collection:



May 26, 2011

Yeah, I couldn’t resist… Well, I did a little, I mean, each flavour has two to four versions of Pikachu with Mijumaru/Munna/Pokabu/Tsutaja and I didn’t buy them all. Just one of each. Pretty restrained no? I haven’t tried any of them yet but really, who cares if they’re nice or not?? Not me! If I thought about stuff like that I wouldn’t buy half the weird sweets I do. Oh wait, that might be a good thing. As it is I keep stockpiling crazy sweets that I forget to actually eat. Oops. Kit Kats are the biggest offenders here but having said that, I haven’t seen any new ones in ages! What’s up with that? Anyway, here are some photos of Pokémilk cartons (Gotta catch ’em all):

Cute snacks!

May 24, 2011

OK, so I need  to introduce some, um, features to make sure I post every week! So the plan is: cute snacks on Mondays and cute characters on Fridays. And then like, stuff about my feelings in between. Really fascinating stuff ha HA ;P

So anyway, some cute snacks! OK, now the K-ON! characters are being used as Lawson mascots. Perhaps I should care. Perhaps I should take a stand and say “No Lawson! Stop trying to make me buy stuff by plastering cute characters all over your things!” I, however, am powerless to resist. Well, almost powerless, just ’cause my favourite character is eating chicken in all the pictures doesn’t mean I’m going to start eating meat again. Yeah, take that Lawson!! So here is a very cute tin of chocolates and a couple of fans, that were free! I have no idea if they were meant to be free or what, I was a little confused. Anyway, it doesn’t matter!

Aaaaand some more cute stuff. I’ll be honest, it’s mostly penguins…

Osaka Kitty

May 19, 2011

I don’t know what to say today so…here are some photos from the Sanrio shop in Osaka :)

Karaoke on Thursday! Thanks Matthew for taking these cool pictures! I should do karaoke more often, it helps me deal with all kinds of emotions. Actually, I should just be a singer in a band. That would help even more!