Cute Snacks!

June 15, 2011

Yes, yes this should have been posted yesterday BUT I fell asleep! I’m sorry! It was hot and it made me sleepy. Like a cat. Sooo, here are some cute snacks!

The bottle cap was on a bottle of mugi cha (barley tea), haven’t tried the Kit Kat yet. Why the ‘bitter’ trend? Bitter chocolate/caramel frappucinos at Starbucks, non-sweet Pepsi..? OK, the bitter chocolate frappucino is yummy. Can’t comment on the Pepsi, I don’t like Pepsi much! You know what is yummy? Easter Party ice cream! I haven’t been to Baskin Robbins since April and they still have this ice cream. So I bought some, yay! I think I like it ’cause it looks like the product of some deranged, sugar-crazed child’s imagination ;P

Happy Easter time!

April 24, 2011

Oh, it’s Easter! I made hot cross buns, ate Easter ice cream from Baskin Robbins and played with little fluffy Easter chick toys :)

The hot cross buns were nice but not perfect! I need to work on my baking skills! Cakes are fine, but buns and bread are much harder, particularly without a proper oven. Oh well!