Time for the second edition of Cutest Characters. I’ll be doing these updates on Wednesdays instead of Fridays. (Yes, I know it says posted June 9th but I started writing before midnight! Aaaah!)
I’m writing about another cat character! Bagpuss, oh Bagpuss.

Bagpuss in Akiba

Bagpuss is a character from an old childrens TV show first shown in 1974 and created by Peter Firmin and the very wonderful and sadly deceased Oliver Postgate. So this was a show that was quite old by the time I was born but it must have still been shown on TV I think as I do remember watching it (along with other Smallfilms shows like the Clangers, Noggin the Nog and Ivor the Engine).
The premise is that Bagpuss belongs to a little girl called Emily, who owns a strange shop full of lost, broken things waiting to be reclaimed by their owners. Why am I telling you this when I can show you!
“Bagpuss, dear Bagpuss
Old fat furry Catpuss
Wake up and look at this thing that I bring
Wake up, be bright, be golden and light
Bagpuss, oh hear what I sing.”
The episodes always begin with a new object being brought to the shop and the regular inhabitants trying to figure out what it is. The mice usually try to fix it, Professor Yaffle figures out what it is and then one of the characters gets inspired and tells a story which is told through a little animation. It’s all quite dreamy and very nice to watch when you’re trying to get to sleep.

Bagpuss in Shibuya

Although Bagpuss is definitely a part of my childhood my current obsession with him really began two Christmases ago when I received a little Bagpuss toy from my Mum. There are a lot of Bagpuss toys out there and some of them are, well, hideous. This one is different. He’s small and fluffy but not soft and has the most mournful expression on his face. I was more excited about this present than, well, just about anything else! I was so taken that I started taking lots of photos of him. The more fun the location the better it is because he always looks sad no matter what angle the picture is taken from. I’ve taken pictures of him looking sad in cherry blossom trees, next to sweets and drinks, at Summer Sonic, next to the Glico man etc. etc. Bagpuss remains unimpressed and this is why I love him. I have a tumblr ‘The Exciting Life of Bagpuss’ which I’ve only recently started updating again where I post pictures of Bagpuss looking mournful next to things. I have quite a large backlog of photos to post.
Have a look! And follow me!

What's happening?

 So to conclude, here’s the little verse from the end of the programme:
“And of course, when Bagpuss goes to sleep,
All his friends go to sleep too.
The mice were ornaments on the mouse organ.
Gabriel and Madeleine were just dolls.
Professor Yaffle was a carved, wooden bookend in the shape of a woodpecker.
Even Bagpuss himself, once he was asleep, was just an old, saggy cloth cat,
Baggy, and a bit loose at the seams,
But Emily loved him.”
And I love him too.

I heart Bagpuss

Bagpuss Wikipedia entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bagpuss
Bagpuss Shop: http://www.bagpussshop.co.uk/

Christmastime is caketime

December 15, 2010

Yes, it’s festive cake time. Here’s a snowman!

It was just like Christmas

December 28, 2009

Here are some little Christmas photos:

First Christmas in Japan/away from home. It was nice but also strange. Tried not to think too much about childhood and stuff…preparing for Christmas did make me feel like a grown up but not a real grown up..I can’t make my own mince pies and stuffing yet it seems. Although I am quite good at making vegetable pies.

Other Christmas things: Gremlins is scarier than I thought, I seem to have stared a Licca/Jenny doll collection, Bob Dylan’s Christmas album is really great, O Holy Night/Just Like Christmas/Deilig er den Himmel Blaa all have the power to make me cry for varying reasons.

Otherwise: watched Moon. it was good! I thought it would be scary but it wasn’t. It was sad! It did give me cosmic angst but not as much as Sunshine. Also, Modern Family is good! it’s a nice mix of funny, sarcastic and heartwarming. And lastly, Helen Kane is really really awesome.

Sparkle Sparkle Christmastime!

December 20, 2009

Pictures from Nabana no sato, Nagashima. I wrote an article about it for Wide Island View, you can find it here:  http://www.wideislandview.com/?p=2129

I sort of forgot I’d started a blog…

I’ve only written one diary entry in the past few weeks..I think it said something like ‘I am in a capsule hotel, I am on the woman’s only floor. I feel weird’. Then I fell asleep. Or passed out! It was very very hot and it made me feel a bit dizzy. Aside from that I would recommend capsule hotels! Unless you are claustrophobic and/or paranoid (no locks). I have tendencies towards both of those things but I was so sleepy I managed not to worry :)

The hotel was in Osaka. Awesome place! Perhaps more awesome at night..? Well, the inner city parts anyway. Mainly because I like neon lights. Preferably lots flashing all at once. And there were lots. There was a nice big billboard of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I’m not a huge fan of the series but it looked fitting in amongst all the lights, like an advert for body modification.

Since New Year I have mainly been…sleeping, tidying, drinking lots of coffee, catching up on TV shows I’ve missed and reading The Guardian.  I didn’t have a single drink on New Years Eve! Wow…Perhaps I just couldn’t take it after the vast quantities of wine I managed to consume during the Christmas period.. It was lovely wine though :) Christmas was fun..had a great night out at Vamoose (Bergen) then generally sat around drinking and eating peppernotter and rum truffles..and those little melkesjokolade kuler..They are addictive and brightly coloured, making them festive and ok!

Watched a lot of South Park and fell asleep for two films, oops… Stayed awake for The Big Blue though! I finally found it (Book Off!) and bought it for my brother. I’d forgotten what a cool film it is! We were talking about whether our sympathies were with Roseanna Arquette’s character or Jacques..I remember the first time I watched it (5 years ago..?) I sympathised entirely with Jacques but this time I was a little more divided..I guess I was still mainly on his side but I could see that he was a bit of an arrogant asshole too! Especially the scene where he leaves her in bed and goes swimming with a dolphin all night while she sobs herself to sleep by the side of the water. I would not be happy competing with an obsession like that.. Reminded me of The Red Shoes a little…Should you have to choose between love and your artistic obsession..is it impossible to dedicate yourself to both..?

On that note..I’m off to watch some TV…rose wine later I think…mm…