Ooh! Mini fame!

May 19, 2010

So I was shopping in Thank You Mart in Yokkaichi the other day (I love this shop!) and as I was on my way out a cool shop assistant (they are all cool and they all look amazing) stopped me and asked if he could take a photo of me for their website! Since my Japanese level is still pretty much zero ( I know, I’m awful, don’t worry, I beat myself up about it every day!) all I could understand was ‘shashin’ and then ‘cute girl’ (*blush*) and ‘website’. Then the two shop assistants wrote ‘Age’, ‘Occupation’ and ‘Comment’ on a piece of paper for me..so sweet! Anyway, now my picture is on the website along with lots of stuff I can’t understand! The first half of the post isn’t about me, just the last part. For fun, I recommend translating the page into English because…it makes no sense! I’m sure it DOES make sense really but the translate function on my computer is ah…so-so at best!

Anyway, it was nice for my tiny, struggling self esteem and made me very happy, especially since I do really love Thank You Mart, they sell so many awesome things. I’ll take a photo of the T-shirt I plan to buy there on Friday.. it’s so amazing, a description wouldn’t suffice!

Here is the link to the diary page btw:


(Might need to scroll down a little!)


Summer Shades

May 7, 2010

OK, so I’ve always thought sunglasses are pretty cool but I’ve never had much luck with them. I usually get too scared to wear the more outrageous ones and end up with boring ones that I can’t even be bothered wearing and so I squint my way through the summer, wishing I could find sunglasses that suited me. No more! OK, last year, right before Summer Sonic, I found a really awesome, red, horn rimmed, diamante studded pair in Thank You Mart (390 Yen, yay!) but this year I’ve found an even better pair! I got them in Uniqlo and I love them!

I love them so much I don’t care what anyone thinks. hooray!