Cute Snacks!

June 6, 2011

Glico edition.

OK, so, pictures of sweets by themselves: not enough!! It’s more fun to take pictures of them with little toys :) So here is Cyndaquil posing with some yummy Glico treats! The tin is full of some kind of matcha sweets. They look like green tea Starburst! I only really bought them ’cause I liked the tin… The red packet is full of heart shaped chocolates and the Kitty Pocky are almond flavoured. Bit too sweet for me but, nice box! I did rather hope that the gold Kitty charm pictured on the box would be inside but no such luck :( I do have a phone strap of Kitty as the Glico man though, it’s awfully cute!

Osaka sans Summer Sonic

September 6, 2010

I have a post on Summer Sonic all written up and ready to go BUT without photos it’s no good and all the photos are on Danny’s computer/on my phone. Heat induced laziness has prevented me from copying them onto my computer! Yeah…heat induced laziness…that’s my excuse! It’s a pretty good one though, kind of. Japan is apparently getting record high temperatures and it’s not gonna calm down til the end of September! Oh help.

Anyway, so here  are some photos from Osaka earlier last month: