Cute Snacks!

June 6, 2011

Glico edition.

OK, so, pictures of sweets by themselves: not enough!! It’s more fun to take pictures of them with little toys :) So here is Cyndaquil posing with some yummy Glico treats! The tin is full of some kind of matcha sweets. They look like green tea Starburst! I only really bought them ’cause I liked the tin… The red packet is full of heart shaped chocolates and the Kitty Pocky are almond flavoured. Bit too sweet for me but, nice box! I did rather hope that the gold Kitty charm pictured on the box would be inside but no such luck :( I do have a phone strap of Kitty as the Glico man though, it’s awfully cute!

Cute Snacks!

May 30, 2011

Some Kitty chocolates and Kitty wafers with very nice packaging. Two little Nemuneko helped by posing :)

Osaka Kitty

May 19, 2011

I don’t know what to say today so…here are some photos from the Sanrio shop in Osaka :)

What a lovely birthday weekend I’ve had! And in celebration: some rather low quality photos from my ipod, hooray! I have some better photos but they’re on my camera, and it’s late (00.30) and I’m sleepy. People keep pointing out that I am always sleepy. I don’t think I am! Maybe I just say it all the time. Or maybe I don’t get enough sleep. I’m not sure.

Perhaps you can tell: I got a lot of cute stuff. A lot of Pokemon stuff and a lot of Kitty stuff. Hooray!! I also had  a lovely party which involved cool people, Singstar, Rock Band, beer, pink sparkling wine and cake. Yummy!

I was in Tokyo for a about a week so no updates, sorry!! I know, I know, it IS possible to update when I’m not at home but I just didn’t quite get round to it! Of course the main reason I was in Tokyo was the Tokyo Game Show and I will put some pictures up from that (only pictures of cute things though!) but I haven’t put them on my computer yet so in the meantime: Sanrio Puroland. We went there on the Tuesday after TGS.

You know how lots of people in Japan seem to really, seriously love Disneyland/Disneysea? Sometimes people even say things like “It makes me happy” or “It gives me dreams”. OK, so I can never imagine myself feeling that way about Disneyland because (Sssh, secret!) I’m not much of a Disney fan. Sanrioland on the other hand, made me feel the way I imagine Disney fans feel at their theme park of choice.

It’s amazing of course! It’s in the middle of this nothing area. All grey, mid height buildings and businesses and then suddenly this massive pink castle, right next to a road. It’s a little bit rusty and tumbledown on the outside but inside it’s fantastic. Once through the ticket barriers you look ahead and see this giant fake tree (“The Wisdom Tree”) and all these little nooks and pathways all around it, it’s hard to figure out where to go first!

First we went on the boatride. It was very cute but I have to admit I was a little scared! We were in a  boat, alone, and as you go along, little scenes light up with music and voices. I was distracted enough by the cuteness not to be too freaked out but ever since a terrifying walkthrough ride featuring historical scenes and sinister talking cats I went to with my Mum and brother in Weymouth when I was little I’ve been pretty scared of rides like this (Darkrides I think they’re called?).

OK, the rest of the place offered no complicated cute-fear combinations, it was all cute. We saw a show in the Discovery Theatre (Golden Age of sci fi inspired!) featuring Cinnamon, two lovely dancing ladies in awesome costumes and the audience participation catchphrase “Power of…communication!” I normally HATE audience participation but…I participated, I even did the whole making-a-heart-with-your-hands gesture! Loser!

The Kitty Lab attraction is fascinating too. A mini Kitty village! I was really bad at most of the games but never mind! Kitty’s house is adorable. Although…if you were Kitty, would you really want a pink bath shaped like your own head? Or a mirror? Or a sofa? Isn’t that a little weird really?!

Managed not to buy tooo many things. Bought elaborate bentos purely for the packaging rather than the actual food and found Tuxedo Sam goods which are almost never available! Also met some characters and went slightly mental cause they’re so impossibly cute. Especially Mocha with her sad eyes!! She kept looking up at me and making hug movements with her arms! Yes I know it’s a person in a costume!!

So you really should go to Sanrio Puroland. It made me feel relaxed, happy and amazing. It gave me dreams!! ;P

Here is a massive gallery of photos to look at, enjoy!

And now I am going to try to tidy away all the stuff that came back with me from Tokyo :( Will try to update again this evening!


July 4, 2010

Bubbles are cool. I bought a Hello Kitty bubble set at the hundred yen store. Spent about 10 minutes making up my mind! Initially I thought “Yeah!”, picked it up and headed for the cash register. Then I thought “You are 26! Stop being an idiot!” Then I wandered around for a bit and eventually decided to get it anyway. Ha.



June 27, 2010

So last weekend we went to see some robots fighting at at Robobase in Osu. The fighting ones were cool but my favourite was definitely the robot seal. I think it was designed primarily for people in care homes and possibly children in hospital. It opens and shuts it’s eyes, moves around and is hopelessly adorable! The pricetag? 350,000 yen. Oops… Oh well, I can always go back and visit this one!

The fighting was quite fun! I liked how the Melon robot had a big goofy red car sticker on his chest! And Hello Kitty robot ignored me as always! I’ve been to Robobase a few times, I say “Konnichiwa!” and she mutters and turns her head away, *Sob!* She hates me! Oh well, the seal robot liked me so everything is OK. I felt so sorry for the little cat-bot though. It was pretty old and scruffy and just shuffled around looking sad! I hope one of the staff takes it home and looks after it!

So robots: yay!

This is an awesome cup

June 11, 2010

So I was at the Saioh Festival and it was very nice, lots of pretty costumes (of which more afterwards) and then as I was watching the parade I suddenly saw a stall selling drinks in these cool plastic cups. They had Doraemon, Hamtaro and Hello Kitty. You can see what I chose. I almost felt, “Look at all this amazing culture…oh wait, there’s a stall selling cute cups…run to it!!” But not that bad because I did enjoy all the costumes too!

About 2 minutes after buying this a guy came up and asked to take a photo of me and Danny! And then another lady came up and took our photo too, cool!

Also, we were having some lunch underneath a tree when a little kid accidentally kicked his football towards us. It was fine, it didn’t smack either of us in the face! He said “Gomenasai…” and then a few seconds later he came back and said “I’m sorry…” So sweet!

It was a nice day out!

Hello Kitty DJ, that’s what.

Yeah, I bought this.. You plug her into an mp3 player or whatever and she bobs her head from side to side! How could I not?