Cute Snacks!

June 15, 2011

Yes, yes this should have been posted yesterday BUT I fell asleep! I’m sorry! It was hot and it made me sleepy. Like a cat. Sooo, here are some cute snacks!

The bottle cap was on a bottle of mugi cha (barley tea), haven’t tried the Kit Kat yet. Why the ‘bitter’ trend? Bitter chocolate/caramel frappucinos at Starbucks, non-sweet Pepsi..? OK, the bitter chocolate frappucino is yummy. Can’t comment on the Pepsi, I don’t like Pepsi much! You know what is yummy? Easter Party ice cream! I haven’t been to Baskin Robbins since April and they still have this ice cream. So I bought some, yay! I think I like it ’cause it looks like the product of some deranged, sugar-crazed child’s imagination ;P

Oops, long time, no update! My excuses: a) I was in Tokyo b) It’s so hot I can’t think!!

So, Tokyo was awesome. Hot, but awesome. We stayed at the Dormy Inn in Akihabara, which I recommend, very nice, great location. On Sunday we met Shona and Neal in Harajuku. Was lovely to see them, can hardly believe it’s been two years!! That’s just crazy! Anyway…while they did some shopping, Danny and me popped over to Odaiba to check out the 2010 Toy Show at Tokyo Big Sight. Here are some photos:

Oh wow, I only just managed to stop myself from buying Kirby and Mamegoma toothbrushes! They were so cute! And 98 yen! That’s nothing! I picked them up and looked at them but I managed to walk away in the end.. I mean, come on! Toothbrushes for 6-12 year olds?? What would I even do with them?! I can’t exactly display them! I was so proud of myself for walking away…

Things I can’t walk away from? 1980s Licca dolls apparently:

I haven’t started wearing glasses, I was just borrowing them… I think I look suitably disapproving since, you know, buying dolls and figurines is pretty silly!

Heisann, Licca-chan!

January 9, 2010

OK, so…maybe I’ve started collecting Licca dolls… Well, I have 2 anyway, and one Jenny doll. I’ve liked them ever since I went round to a friend’s house in Trondheim and saw her collection of dolls. They’re so much sweeter than Barbies. The matsuri one is from 1987 but her face is pretty much the same as the other one from 2009! Anyway, I’m not crazy, honest!

I got the Mr. Donut uniform for Christmas. See if I were cra-azy, I’d have asked for the Mr.Donut cafe playset…