May 23, 2010

Time for more sweets!

There was recently a range of Neon Genesis Evangelion products at Lawson. The Evangelion characters are used to sell EVERYTHING. Especially pachinko!? This time round you could buy Evangelion coffee, crisps, ramen and antibacterial wipes! There was also a leaflet featuring Asuka standing outside Lawson..I picked up a few, I’ll take a photo later! Now it’s Kitty’s turn however. We popped in today but there were no phone straps featuring Kitty in a Lawson uniform! Disappointed! 7/11 had straps with her in one of their uniforms, why Lawson, why?? They didn’t even have the apple cake I’d gone in to buy *sob!*

Other than that, this weekend I have mostly been shopping. I’ll post some photos of the awesome things I’ve bought later!