Frisk Fresh

June 30, 2011

Hello! Here are some mints! I know, this should be a Cutest Characters update and it’s coming! Honest! But in the meantime, here is something else that’s cute, a teeny mini Frisk phone strap! Do you know what the shop assistant said when I got this in 7/11? She said “Kawaii!!” Of course she did! ‘Cause it is! It’s so small. I sure do love tiny miniature versions of things :)



Crystal Miffy

June 15, 2010

And when I say crystal I do of course mean see-through plastic… But look anyway!

They came free with apple Natchan. I was tired but then I got really excited when I saw them! Oh well, at least I like Natchan.

OK so I never thought kewpie dolls were all that cute. In fact I didn’t know what they were! I think I’d come across the name in a couple of American books but just never bothered to figure out what they were. And in Japan of course they’re everywhere. I still didn’t think they were that great (and Danny HATES them!) but then I saw these phone straps free with a new type of green tea and…oooh, they are sweet… They’re all dressed in little national costumes, cute!

So for the past few days I’ve been getting green tea on the way to school and on the way back, I can only find them in the shop right next to the station!! Not all of them are cute so I have been scrabbling through the bottles like a ┬ámad thing looking for the right ones. And the bottles are in the shelf closest to the floor, just to help me feel even more crazy… Now I’m only missing China and Spain!

They are so happy and cute!! All the male ones just look like babies though, as they have no hair…I hope I can get the two I’m missing before they stop selling them! Not that I reeeeaally need them of course but, well, I want them..?? Even I don’t understand my overwhelming desire to buy cute things but never mind!