May 26, 2011

Yeah, I couldn’t resist… Well, I did a little, I mean, each flavour has two to four versions of Pikachu with Mijumaru/Munna/Pokabu/Tsutaja and I didn’t buy them all. Just one of each. Pretty restrained no? I haven’t tried any of them yet but really, who cares if they’re nice or not?? Not me! If I thought about stuff like that I wouldn’t buy half the weird sweets I do. Oh wait, that might be a good thing. As it is I keep stockpiling crazy sweets that I forget to actually eat. Oops. Kit Kats are the biggest offenders here but having said that, I haven’t seen any new ones in ages! What’s up with that? Anyway, here are some photos of Pokémilk cartons (Gotta catch ’em all):


Oops, long time, no update! My excuses: a) I was in Tokyo b) It’s so hot I can’t think!!

So, Tokyo was awesome. Hot, but awesome. We stayed at the Dormy Inn in Akihabara, which I recommend, very nice, great location. On Sunday we met Shona and Neal in Harajuku. Was lovely to see them, can hardly believe it’s been two years!! That’s just crazy! Anyway…while they did some shopping, Danny and me popped over to Odaiba to check out the 2010 Toy Show at Tokyo Big Sight. Here are some photos:

Plush hat love

March 19, 2010

Sometimes it’s fun to be a Pokemon…

So..the Pokemon store:

Terribly, terribly cute. There was an arcade next door, with lots of Pokemon machines. The store was deserted though! A big change from the Nagoya and Tokyo shops which are packed every day as far as I can tell!

Plush Love

February 1, 2010

A tiny, tiny fraction of all my cute stuff!

Every day, something cute drives me crazy :)