June 27, 2010

So last weekend we went to see some robots fighting at at Robobase in Osu. The fighting ones were cool but my favourite was definitely the robot seal. I think it was designed primarily for people in care homes and possibly children in hospital. It opens and shuts it’s eyes, moves around and is hopelessly adorable! The pricetag? 350,000 yen. Oops… Oh well, I can always go back and visit this one!

The fighting was quite fun! I liked how the Melon robot had a big goofy red car sticker on his chest! And Hello Kitty robot ignored me as always! I’ve been to Robobase a few times, I say “Konnichiwa!” and she mutters and turns her head away, *Sob!* She hates me! Oh well, the seal robot liked me so everything is OK. I felt so sorry for the little cat-bot though. It was pretty old and scruffy and just shuffled around looking sad! I hope one of the staff takes it home and looks after it!

So robots: yay!