Osaka Kitty

May 19, 2011

I don’t know what to say today so…here are some photos from the Sanrio shop in Osaka :)

Aaand here are some more photos. The Gundam Cafe really was cool. I am not a huge fan of Gundam, not ’cause I think I’d hate it or anything, I’ve just never watched it. As a cafe/bar concept it’s a pretty good idea! Apart from the bathrooms! OK, they are cool really, and look like the rest of the place, all slick and metallic BUT, above the hand drier there’s a big red shiny button that says “Stop. Emergency” on it. “Oh hey, how fun!”, thought silly Joanna and pressed it. Don’t press it! Especially if you, like me, are afraid of the dark!! The lights start going on and off and a fake alarm sounds. I jumped, went AAAHHH! and unlocked the door… Thankfully there was nobody outside so nobody noticed…

Otherwise…Akiba was hotter than HOT, it was 36 degrees hot. Ouch. We all went to a maid cafe which was totally awesome. Me and Danny had been to ‘Cure Maid’ the day before, it’s a Victorian style maid cafe, very cute, very traditional and very polite. It was lovely but the @homecafe is something else entirely! We picked the sixth floor and as it happens this was a floor with English speaking maids! So cute!!! In fact, I think I’ll photograph the polaroid I had taken and write a proper post about it later. That’s all for now, I need to go and space out a bit before swimming.


Ooh! Mini fame!

May 19, 2010

So I was shopping in Thank You Mart in Yokkaichi the other day (I love this shop!) and as I was on my way out a cool shop assistant (they are all cool and they all look amazing) stopped me and asked if he could take a photo of me for their website! Since my Japanese level is still pretty much zero ( I know, I’m awful, don’t worry, I beat myself up about it every day!) all I could understand was ‘shashin’ and then ‘cute girl’ (*blush*) and ‘website’. Then the two shop assistants wrote ‘Age’, ‘Occupation’ and ‘Comment’ on a piece of paper for sweet! Anyway, now my picture is on the website along with lots of stuff I can’t understand! The first half of the post isn’t about me, just the last part. For fun, I recommend translating the page into English because…it makes no sense! I’m sure it DOES make sense really but the translate function on my computer is ah…so-so at best!

Anyway, it was nice for my tiny, struggling self esteem and made me very happy, especially since I do really love Thank You Mart, they sell so many awesome things. I’ll take a photo of the T-shirt I plan to buy there on Friday.. it’s so amazing, a description wouldn’t suffice!

Here is the link to the diary page btw:

(Might need to scroll down a little!)

Here I am, wearing some awesome headphones:

I tried them on in Bic Camera and cool as they were I couldn’t buy them. I’ve always really wanted a pair of big headphones but I’m not entirely sure I could ever bring myself to wear them… I think I’d feel like people around me were looking at me thinking: ‘Who does she think she is! How arrogant!’ Why do I think this?? I’m not sure. I’d worry about the volume too. When I listen to music on my headphones on trains/buses/in cars I start a song, then hold the earphones away from my ears to check if there’s any sound coming out. I really hate the thought that I could be bothering someone and also the thought that other people might hear what I’m listening to! Imagine if they heard me listening to Duran Duran or something! I’d have to shake them and explain that it was part of a long, eclectic playlist! “Look at my mp3 player!! look! Grizzly Bear! Bjork! Tindersticks! Low! Explosions in the Sky! I’m a serious and proper music fan, honest!!” Haha, I think recently the song I’ve worried most about people overhearing is Konnichiwa Bitches by Robyn. Some of the lyrics are a bit ‘Oh dear..!’ but it’s so cute, I get addicted to it sometimes. I do wish Be Mine was available at karaoke, I rather love that song and video.

I don’t listen to headphones when I’m walking around quite as much as I used to though. I used to like, drink too much coffee then wander around listening to the most messed up Radiohead songs. (Climbing Up the Walls can make even the sunniest, happiest day seem twisted and scary!). Headphones on the train are my favourite though. All that lovely scenery, all those interesting buildings swooshing past + music, yay.