Here I am, wearing some awesome headphones:

I tried them on in Bic Camera and cool as they were I couldn’t buy them. I’ve always really wanted a pair of big headphones but I’m not entirely sure I could ever bring myself to wear them… I think I’d feel like people around me were looking at me thinking: ‘Who does she think she is! How arrogant!’ Why do I think this?? I’m not sure. I’d worry about the volume too. When I listen to music on my headphones on trains/buses/in cars I start a song, then hold the earphones away from my ears to check if there’s any sound coming out. I really hate the thought that I could be bothering someone and also the thought that other people might hear what I’m listening to! Imagine if they heard me listening to Duran Duran or something! I’d have to shake them and explain that it was part of a long, eclectic playlist! “Look at my mp3 player!! look! Grizzly Bear! Bjork! Tindersticks! Low! Explosions in the Sky! I’m a serious and proper music fan, honest!!” Haha, I think recently the song I’ve worried most about people overhearing is Konnichiwa Bitches by Robyn. Some of the lyrics are a bit ‘Oh dear..!’ but it’s so cute, I get addicted to it sometimes. I do wish Be Mine was available at karaoke, I rather love that song and video.

I don’t listen to headphones when I’m walking around quite as much as I used to though. I used to like, drink too much coffee then wander around listening to the most messed up Radiohead songs. (Climbing Up the Walls can make even the sunniest, happiest day seem twisted and scary!). Headphones on the train are my favourite though. All that lovely scenery, all those interesting buildings swooshing past + music, yay.

..and I take a deep breath…

That song makes a rather fantastic karaoke choice btw! I remember seeing 4 Non Blondes on TOTP. I thought they were amaaaazing.

Oh pictures again. I do apologise, it’s because I’m updating at work and I don’t really like saving my pictures on my work computer. And I am going to write some kind of cherry blossom post this week, I am I am.

So on Tuesday night me and Danny went to see Kings of Convenience. In Osaka. The whole time I lived in Norway they never came to my hometown and I could never afford to go to Oslo or Sweden or wherever so this was the first time I’d ever seen them live! The gig was at Club Quattro near Shinsaibashi station. It’s bigger than Nagoya Club Quattro and the stage is level with the floor so that made things  a bit more intimate. We managed to get pretty much all the way to the front too!

A lady dressed in a rather spectacular lime green suit with hairclips shaped like the Rolling Stones lips logo turned around at one point and asked if I was Norwegian! Not wanting to launch into my whole boring “I was born here..I grew up here…I moved here” story I just said yes and she shook my hand! Maybe she just wanted to shake hands with someone who shared their nationality with the band and who am I to deny anyone little moments of happiness like that! She seemed pleased so I was happy!

The gig was really good! They played most of the songs I was hoping for (Homesick, Me In You, I Don’t Know What I Can Save You From, 24-25, Misread, Failure, Gold in the Air of Summer). Only one they missed out that I really wanted to hear was Parallel Lines. They did ask for requests at one point but I hate shouting so…

I cried a little bit during Gold in the Air of Summer but that was the only time. Other than that it was a pretty happy show really! Erlend Øye got into the audience and danced for I’d Rather Dance with one point they got the audience singing (just oooh’s and aaah’s) and it actually sounded kind of cool!

Danny pointed out afterwards that being so close made it a little hard to know where to look. They even mentioned this themselves, saying how nice it was to be able to distinguish lots of faces in the crowd, rather than just seeing a huge audience shaped mass. I’m glad we weren’t in the middle, right at the front though as then I really wouldn’t have known where to look! As it was I spent a lot of time looking at their hands playing guitar, they are awfully good!

I am so lame that before the show I’d made two little origami envelopes with origami cranes inside and little notes. Don’t really know why! I gave them to their sound guy (I’ve forgotten his name, nooo, sorry!) to give to them.

We actually managed to get back home afterwards too! It was quite a long train trip but I like traveling on trains at night. I kept thinking ‘I wish I had a magical free railpass that I could use to go aaaanywhere’. One that I could use on Limited Express trains. I almost never take them because they’re too expensive but oh, they’re so much better. Listened to music most of the way back, including:

Low- Words/Breaker/Hatchet

Röyksopp- This Must Be It/Vision One

Bloc Party-So Here We Are/Blue Light

Radiohead-Black Star

Hadn’t listened to Low for aaages actually. Or Black Star. The line ‘I keep falling over/I keep passing out/When I see a face like you’ still makes me feel so sad.

Enough of that though, I have an assembly to go to. Will I understand a thing? No of course not! Never mind. The weather is lovely and that means hanami later on!