Mm, so as to make this page less empty and depressing, here is a post!

Today I: went to work, got rained on, went to a 100 Yen store and had a little nap.

I need to make some flashcards for work tomorrow but I’m very sleepy (and achey from the gym). I think the funniest brand name I saw today was ‘Lame Mirror’. Although I did buy some water called Oxygen Water that described itself as having ‘more than 10 times the oxygen of ordinary water’ and ended by declaring itself  ‘super-water’. I’ll take a photo next time I buy it. Cause there will obviously be a next time. It’s..super-water…!

Anyway, this will be mostly my thoughts and some pictures. And since I’m in Japan at the moment, the thoughts and pictures will mainly be about and of Japan :)