I sort of forgot I’d started a blog…

I’ve only written one diary entry in the past few weeks..I think it said something like ‘I am in a capsule hotel, I am on the woman’s only floor. I feel weird’. Then I fell asleep. Or passed out! It was very very hot and it made me feel a bit dizzy. Aside from that I would recommend capsule hotels! Unless you are claustrophobic and/or paranoid (no locks). I have tendencies towards both of those things but I was so sleepy I managed not to worry :)

The hotel was in Osaka. Awesome place! Perhaps more awesome at night..? Well, the inner city parts anyway. Mainly because I like neon lights. Preferably lots flashing all at once. And there were lots. There was a nice big billboard of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I’m not a huge fan of the series but it looked fitting in amongst all the lights, like an advert for body modification.

Since New Year I have mainly been…sleeping, tidying, drinking lots of coffee, catching up on TV shows I’ve missed and reading The Guardian.  I didn’t have a single drink on New Years Eve! Wow…Perhaps I just couldn’t take it after the vast quantities of wine I managed to consume during the Christmas period.. It was lovely wine though :) Christmas was fun..had a great night out at Vamoose (Bergen) then generally sat around drinking and eating peppernotter and rum truffles..and those little melkesjokolade kuler..They are addictive and brightly coloured, making them festive and ok!

Watched a lot of South Park and fell asleep for two films, oops… Stayed awake for The Big Blue though! I finally found it (Book Off!) and bought it for my brother. I’d forgotten what a cool film it is! We were talking about whether our sympathies were with Roseanna Arquette’s character or Jacques..I remember the first time I watched it (5 years ago..?) I sympathised entirely with Jacques but this time I was a little more divided..I guess I was still mainly on his side but I could see that he was a bit of an arrogant asshole too! Especially the scene where he leaves her in bed and goes swimming with a dolphin all night while she sobs herself to sleep by the side of the water. I would not be happy competing with an obsession like that.. Reminded me of The Red Shoes a little…Should you have to choose between love and your artistic obsession..is it impossible to dedicate yourself to both..?

On that note..I’m off to watch some TV…rose wine later I think…mm…