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…that fall on little girl blue


May 23, 2010

Time for more sweets!

There was recently a range of Neon Genesis Evangelion products at Lawson. The Evangelion characters are used to sell EVERYTHING. Especially pachinko!? This time round you could buy Evangelion coffee, crisps, ramen and antibacterial wipes! There was also a leaflet featuring Asuka standing outside Lawson..I picked up a few, I’ll take a photo later! Now it’s Kitty’s turn however. We popped in today but there were no phone straps featuring Kitty in a Lawson uniform! Disappointed! 7/11 had straps with her in one of their uniforms, why Lawson, why?? They didn’t even have the apple cake I’d gone in to buy *sob!*

Other than that, this weekend I have mostly been shopping. I’ll post some photos of the awesome things I’ve bought later!

Ooh! Mini fame!

May 19, 2010

So I was shopping in Thank You Mart in Yokkaichi the other day (I love this shop!) and as I was on my way out a cool shop assistant (they are all cool and they all look amazing) stopped me and asked if he could take a photo of me for their website! Since my Japanese level is still pretty much zero ( I know, I’m awful, don’t worry, I beat myself up about it every day!) all I could understand was ‘shashin’ and then ‘cute girl’ (*blush*) and ‘website’. Then the two shop assistants wrote ‘Age’, ‘Occupation’ and ‘Comment’ on a piece of paper for me..so sweet! Anyway, now my picture is on the website along with lots of stuff I can’t understand! The first half of the post isn’t about me, just the last part. For fun, I recommend translating the page into English because…it makes no sense! I’m sure it DOES make sense really but the translate function on my computer is ah…so-so at best!

Anyway, it was nice for my tiny, struggling self esteem and made me very happy, especially since I do really love Thank You Mart, they sell so many awesome things. I’ll take a photo of the T-shirt I plan to buy there on Friday.. it’s so amazing, a description wouldn’t suffice!

Here is the link to the diary page btw:


(Might need to scroll down a little!)

Ah! I’ve discovered how to add large photos! Hooray! (Yes, I am embarrassingly terrible at stuff like this, I know). Anyway, here’s a nice big night time picture of Chinatown in Kobe:

It’s pretty.

Sitting here , listening to Disintegration and drinking red wine (on a Sunday, awful!), it feels like being back at university. Isn’t it weird how albums can do this?

The only thing missing is nag champa incense. (I’ve got vanilla and cinnamon instead).

So here’s a picture of me while I was at university:

See, no fringe!

This was taken at a Band of Horses concert. They remind me of university too but I still listen to them on a regular basis whereas I haven’t listened to Disintegration all the way through for ages. And considering how sad it’s making me feel then maybe there’s a reason for that.

Making Movies!

May 15, 2010

So me and Danny are going to make some stop motion stuff because it’s fun and cute! Here is a little experiment:

Bagpuss looking all confused!

A Moomin film, based on my favourite Moomin book Comet in Moominland and in the style of the Polish stop motion series from the 70s/80s is premiering at Cannes! It looks BEAUTIFUL. The article I’m linking to here is in Norwegian and the video is the Finnish trailer. The English trailer is online but..um, I didn’t like the voice acting. I would wait for the Norwegian version to come out (not that the voice acting will necessarily be better!) but it won’t be released til October/November according to this article. I can’t wait that long!! Anyway, I am excited!


Meant to write about this a couple of weeks ago but I forgot! So: We went to this restaurant called the OK Corral. It’s near Hoshikawa station (amazing combination of Japanese Words I Actually Know! ‘Hoshi’ is star and ‘Kawa’ is river: Star River! Cute! There’s a big shooting star shaped neon light by the station).

Anyway, it’s this big, wood cabin style place, styled to look like some kind of Wild West hangout. Except it’s a pizza place. By the side of the road in this incredibly normal looking area. Outside there are these crazy, decaying murals of cowboys in the desert surrounded by..tables of pizza and Heineken. Yes… I didn’t take any photos outside because on the way in I was thinking: “Hungry hungry hungry, I am so hungry, let’s eat nownownow!” and on the way out I was thinking: “Cold cold cold, I am so cold, why did I wear a minidress I am freezing , let’s run to the station!” I’ll go back and take photos another day maybe. Sometimes thinking about the fact that I *should* be taking photos of something stresses me out and makes me feel pointlessly rebellious, like, “I know I should be taking photos of these cool things but I can choose not to so..HA, I won’t!”. See? Pointless! Anyway, ┬áinside, three Japanese guys played banjos and sang, we ate pizzas, drank Yebisu and listened. Here are some photos:

It’s an odd place. The decor is cool but the food is pretty expensive and there’s not a whooole lot of variety. Also you can’t help but feeling like you should be eating something other than Italian food in such an ‘Americana’ type place! It’s a bit like being in an exhibit in Disneyland or USJ (Not that I’ve been to either, I’m imagining!). Wild West Land! The interior is very cool though and the chef had a very impressive red and white outfit complete with chef’s hat. So, ah, if you ever happen to find yourself near Hoshikawa station then you should pop into the OK Corral!

Summer Shades

May 7, 2010

OK, so I’ve always thought sunglasses are pretty cool but I’ve never had much luck with them. I usually get too scared to wear the more outrageous ones and end up with boring ones that I can’t even be bothered wearing and so I squint my way through the summer, wishing I could find sunglasses that suited me. No more! OK, last year, right before Summer Sonic, I found a really awesome, red, horn rimmed, diamante studded pair in Thank You Mart (390 Yen, yay!) but this year I’ve found an even better pair! I got them in Uniqlo and I love them!

I love them so much I don’t care what anyone thinks. hooray!