Sakura Sakura

April 4, 2011

Some cherry blossom photos from Inokashira park. It was a bit of a dull day but I really loved the area. Went to a lovely vegetarian cafe called Deva Deva and then walked around the park a bit until we got to the Ghibli Museum (Next post! Don’t get excited! No, really!) I think I’d like to live in this area…*sigh*

Halloween Veggie Fast Food

October 18, 2010

I can’t believe I’ve spent so long in Japan without realising that Freshness Burger do veggie burgers! Delicious, yummy ones too! I like the bean burger best :) And now it’s October so they come in pumpkin wrappers, spooky!

Meant to write about this a couple of weeks ago but I forgot! So: We went to this restaurant called the OK Corral. It’s near Hoshikawa station (amazing combination of Japanese Words I Actually Know! ‘Hoshi’ is star and ‘Kawa’ is river: Star River! Cute! There’s a big shooting star shaped neon light by the station).

Anyway, it’s this big, wood cabin style place, styled to look like some kind of Wild West hangout. Except it’s a pizza place. By the side of the road in this incredibly normal looking area. Outside there are these crazy, decaying murals of cowboys in the desert surrounded by..tables of pizza and Heineken. Yes… I didn’t take any photos outside because on the way in I was thinking: “Hungry hungry hungry, I am so hungry, let’s eat nownownow!” and on the way out I was thinking: “Cold cold cold, I am so cold, why did I wear a minidress I am freezing , let’s run to the station!” I’ll go back and take photos another day maybe. Sometimes thinking about the fact that I *should* be taking photos of something stresses me out and makes me feel pointlessly rebellious, like, “I know I should be taking photos of these cool things but I can choose not to so..HA, I won’t!”. See? Pointless! Anyway, ┬áinside, three Japanese guys played banjos and sang, we ate pizzas, drank Yebisu and listened. Here are some photos:

It’s an odd place. The decor is cool but the food is pretty expensive and there’s not a whooole lot of variety. Also you can’t help but feeling like you should be eating something other than Italian food in such an ‘Americana’ type place! It’s a bit like being in an exhibit in Disneyland or USJ (Not that I’ve been to either, I’m imagining!). Wild West Land! The interior is very cool though and the chef had a very impressive red and white outfit complete with chef’s hat. So, ah, if you ever happen to find yourself near Hoshikawa station then you should pop into the OK Corral!